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$VoYd Token

The $VoYd Studio token's tokenomics drive a dynamic ecosystem focused on player participation and rewards. Here's how it works:Foundation and Governance: $VoYd serves as the ecosystem's currency and governance tool, enabling users to participate in activities and shape its direction through voting rights.Pooling for Prizes: Players' spending contributes to prize pools, offering chances at life-changing rewards and fostering excitement and engagement.Foundation of VoYd Quest: $VoYd is central to VoYd Quest, a gamified experience where players complete challenges and earn rewards using tokens.Driving Engagement: VoYd incentivizes engagement with features like arbitrage between games, enhancing liquidity, and deflationary mobile churn, maintaining activity levels.Tokenized Limited Resources: Scarce in-game items are tokenized, increasing their value and creating a dynamic economy where players earn and trade assets, further driving participation.In essence, $VoYd tokenomics create a vibrant ecosystem where players are motivated to actively participate, spend, and engage across various games and activities, supported by mechanisms like prize pooling, governance, and dynamic resource tokenization.

Introducing the Prestigious VoYd Heart!Watch the VoYd Heart's value grow as you progress.Don't just play the game - OWN A PIECE OF IT with the VoYd Heart!COMING SOON ON

Meet the VoYd Petz!
an exclusive NFT collection of in-game companions!
Elevate their power to enhance stats and gather loot, as you venture into exciting gaming escapades.AVAILABLE NOW ON

Our Commitment to PlayersPlayer-Centric Approach:
You're our top priority. We value your feedback and adapt for an exceptional gaming experience.
Fairness and Integrity:
We uphold the highest standards, ensuring an equitable and enjoyable gaming environment for all.
Dedicated Support:
Our team is here to assist with any questions or concerns you have.




Experience our Top-down Shooter ARPG Roguelite game with auto-aim precision.Unleash Free NFT-powered special abilities at your fingertips.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure, defeating waves of enemies in action-packed levels.Collect valuable XP to upgrade characters, unlocking their true potential.Unearth new heroes wielding unique weapons, embracing the fun of discovery!

Discover free NFTs to enhance your abilities and equip them for a competitive edge.Earn valuable in-game currency and VoYd Tokens as you progress.Reach the thrilling endgame and compete for the ultimate prize!

Step into the future with Call of the VoYd, where gaming meets innovation through NFT integration.
Limitless Discoveries: Explore VoYd Tokens, VoYd Petz, and NFT Abilities in-game, all for free.Cheating Eliminated: Our blockchain ensures a cheat-free environment for fair competition.Total Ownership: Trade items seamlessly on global marketplaces, giving you the control.

Rare πŸ’™Epic πŸ’œLegendary πŸ’›Sublime πŸ’–
Supply: 4000Supply: 400Supply: 40Supply: 4
Save GameSave GameSave GameSave Game
1 Extra Hero Unlock2 Extra Hero Unlock2 Extra Hero Unlock3 Extra Hero Unlock
1 Pet Unlock1 Pet Unlock1 Evolved Pet Unlock1 Fully Evolved Pet Unlock
1 Rare NFT Chest1 Rare NFT Chest1 Rare NFT Chest1 Rare NFT Chest
DAO RoleDAO RoleEnhanced DAO RoleEnhanced DAO Role
Discord RoleDiscord RoleDiscord RoleDiscord Role
VoYd Token AirdropVoYd Token AirdropVoYd Token AirdropVoYd Token Airdrop
1 Free WL Pass for future Mints2 Free WL Pass for future Mints3 Free WL Pass for future Mints4 Free WL Pass for future Mints
-1 Epic NFT Chest1 Epic NFT Chest1 Epic NFT Chest
--1 Legendary Chest1 Legendary Chest
---1 Sublime Chest

Introducing the Prestigious VoYd Heart!Gain early access
to the BETA version of Call of the VoYd.
Safeguard your progress
Store levels, unlocked Heroes & Petz.
Collaborate with friends
to trade and share progress.
Unlock additional game content
like heroes and chests.
Embrace a special DAO Role
and unique Discord role.
Secure a coveted Whitelist pass
for future mints.
Watch the VoYd Heart's value grow as you progress.Don't just play the game - OWN A PIECE OF IT with the VoYd Heart!COMING SOON ON

Meet the VoYd Petz!
an exclusive NFT collection of in-game companions!
Elevate their power to enhance stats and gather loot, as you venture into exciting gaming escapades.

Basic πŸ’šIce πŸ’™Electric πŸ’›Posion πŸ’œFire ❀️πŸ”₯Healing ❀️🩹Gold Pet πŸ’›Dodge Pet πŸ’“
Damage % ⬆️Ice Damage % ⬆️Electric Damage % ⬆️Poison Damage % ⬆️Fire Damage % ⬆️Max Health % ⬆️Gold Gain% ⬆️Dodge % ⬆️
Air StrikeIce AuraLightning StrikeToxic BurstFire BurstHealth RegenerationGather CoinsCollect Power-ups













Welcome to our world of gaming expertise!We are a team of seasoned game veterans, bringing together 80+ years of experience in the industry.
With a track record of launching games played by billions, our passion for crafting exceptional gaming experiences knows no bounds.
Having collaborated with industry giants like Activision Blizzard King, Rovio, Miniclip, Wargaming, Voodoo, Jagex, MAG Interactive, VEVE, BIGPOINT, StarBerry and more, we take pride in delivering top-notch games to a global audience.Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to push the boundaries of gaming innovation and FUN!


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